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An angel once taught me how to pray:

Greet the day by receiving God's light:
We thank you, O Lord, for the sun, which rises in the morning,
for its light, which warms us.
Enlighten us, O Lord, with your light, which remains forever.

Add to this prayer:
I lay before you the rotation of the earth.
Touch the earth's movements with your Spirit.
Shine through the earth so that it lives and dies not.


Clothe the earth with light and warmth,
so that growth of life is possible.
Touch the peoples of the earth -
the different races on different continents -
with light and spirit.
We ask you not to forsake humanity.
Let God's image and likeness unfold.
May we love the animals. Accept our blessing on them.
Open our eyes and our ears,
so that we recognize and absorb the entirety of creation.
Bless the water, the fire, and the storms.
May we live truthfully before you, O God.

Joa Bolendas
(Bolendas. Alive in God's World. 2001, p. 171)



Prayer corner. Icon: Jesus Christ - Blessing, North Russian, Wologda, 17th. Century, in Ireland



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