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Some words on ecumenism

November 1958
As I sat in the church, suddenly I saw a magnificent flower garden, full of the most beautiful flowers. Some single poppies, large and magnificent, were particularly noticeable. They were red and yellow in color. Around this garden was a very ancient wall made from square stones. 

Something unseen raised me upward from the garden where I was standing. I saw other gardens with old stone walls joining them in places. All the gardens were linked to each other. And outside of these gardens was darkness - dark night. As I was raised up, I saw magnificent red and yellow flowers blossoming in those other gardens also. In the Catholic garden, the flowers were as large as in ours! I was delighted with each flower and was grateful that the same flowers blossomed in the other gardens. I believe the garden to the right was the Jewish garden. A small stream with clear water gushed forth in that one. It also contained sand, desert plants and bushes with fine thin thorns.

Joa Bolendas, (Bolendas. So That You May Be One. 1997. p. 97)

Some years later, a saint of the Eastern Church spoke to me in a vision:

In the time from the eighth to the eleventh century,
the Catholic Church separated
from the Eastern Church.
(The official schism was in 1054).

In the sixteenth century;
the Protestants separated
from the Catholic Church.

In the twentieth century,
Christians are in the process of separating
from power - in the churches.

The teachings of Christ will be built up anew
in churches - which have become one.

Give them the records of John!
(John the Evangelist)

Also in the churches -
the human is to remain human,
with spirit, word, music, song, and movement -
in the encounter with God -
in the encounter with fellow human beings.

Therefore with prayer and love,
with knowledge and healing,
with joy and suffering:

All of you, hold out your hands to one another!
Be brothers, sisters,
sons, daughters,
God's children!

Joa Bolendas
(Bolendas. So That You May Be One. 1997. p. 381-382)




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