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"What seems to happen through a meditative reading of this work is that sacred stories and persons, and angels and saints and divine beings--realms that have, for some at least, been a matter of belief,
even intense belief, suddenly come near--almost near enough to touch...." Robert Sardello

In the spring of 1957, Joa Bolendas began to experience a series of visions and conversations with divine spiritual beings. This is the first publication in English that records these astonishing conversations, which took place from 1957 to 1990. They appear here in simple, descriptive language, unembellished by interpretation. Excerpts from her journal describe the personal struggle of handling the profound information that came to her unasked for. The statements that emerge from the visions about important theological themes, such as the Grail, the rosary, icons, and the Old and New Testaments, ultimately urge us toward a new unity of the churches, the forces within each individual, and the peoples of the world. Contains music and twelve color plates.





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